The school

The Gambia is amongst the poorest countries in the world. Only 2/3 of the children living in the few cities have just six years of school education. This number is even lower in the countryside, where the children have to work or are getting married at a very young age for financial reasons. More often than not, schools are far away(viele k entfernt) and transport almost non-existent. In (the) case of the village Marina, the next public school is seven Kilometers (miles?) away in Brikama. Unfortunately, this school is completely (überfordert). That’s why it is of essence (of utmost importance) to build a school for this village with its appt. 3000 children.

When Uwe Beckers first got the idea to build a school in 20??, the (Grundstein) was already there (made. The village had tried building. A school years befor, but had failed unfortunately. Therefore, an appt. 500 square meter (miles?) (Grundstück) with a withered building was available. Through hard work and donations by friends and family, it was possible to rebuild the school and in 20??, it was finally possible to open the “Emma-CHristine Grundschule (ECG LBS).

(Mittlerweile) the school has 3 classes, a vegetable garden, a soccer ground and a (Unterstand), where the children can take a break I disturbed by the sun. (ERNEUERN)

THE (UNTERRRICHT Wird gestaltet) by 11 (?) / a small staff of teachers, who were chosen on background /regarding several principles. Not of the faculty consists of women, since they usually are at a disadvantage in the very traditional working world of The Gambia. We also had an eye on the balance of Muslim and Christian teachers, even though we stay neutral in terms of religion at our school. We teach in English and try toencourage the use of English on school grounds / on he schools perimeters.

THe Gambia has around 1.8mio inhabitants/citizens/? And is, apart from a small connection to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by Senegal (direkt am Äquator).

Wir a size of 14.000 km (?), it is the smallest and poorest country of Africa (LINK ZUR QUELLE EINSETZEN?). The (Pro-KopfEinkommen) lies at about 30-50 Euro per month, even less in the countryside, where most people have a very irregular income due to their work as farmers or (Tagelöhner). In comparison> A 50 kg (pound?) sack of rice costs around. 20 Euro. That doesn’t leave much money to live on.


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