Gambia has about 1.8 million inhabitants and is located in the Sahel region of Africa directly surrounded at the equator by Senegal. There is a direct access to the sea, which is accessible via its own port.

Gambia is the smallest but also the poorest country in Africa with a size of approximately 40 by 350 km. Per capita income is 30 – 50 euros a month. In most villages, as is the case in our home, it is even lower, since most people here do not have a regular income and work as day laborers or farmers.

Many families often have less than one euro per day to live. In comparison, the cheapest 50 kg sack of rice costs about 20 euros, which doesn´t leave much money for the rest.

Gambia consists of 80% Muslims and 20% Christians who live here in peaceful co-existence. I can say with certainty that the people treat each other in a very warm and peaceful way, despite this great poverty. Everywhere, Christmas or Tobaski (the Muslim festival) is happily celebrated together.

Our village Madina is located about 7 km from the larger town of Brikama away and has now estimated 5000 inhabitants, about 70% of which are children.

There is a public school in the town of Brikama even though it does not qualify for the description. Everything is amiss: qualified teachers, learning materials and much more.
Classes are often extremely overcrowded because of the large number of children.