Happy girls

The new school year 2015/2016 is in full swing.

Schule ist doch schön

In addition to the 142 children from last year, we got 70 more kids, which adds up to 212 pupils in a pre-school, to first grade and to second grade classes. All in all 132 girls and 80 boys.
Once more, we accomodated more children than we had originally planed. But it is a tough decision to reject children and their families, whose biggest dream is a school visit.
That simply means some improvisation until the next classrooms are finished.

Erleichtertes Spielen

We are delighted, that we managed again to get more girls than boys, since girls still are at a big disadvantage here in The Gambia. As a result, our elected representative of the pupils is a girl, Binta Touray.

Binta Touray (Pateneltern Fam. Helmhold)
Binta Touray (Godparents fam. Helmhold)

The warmest regards from Papa Bubba!


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