Finally, a sign of life

Uwe did arrive in the Gambia several days ago and finally found the time to share some news with us. Following is his originaltext from Facebook:

We finally arrived after a long and strenuous journey. We are fine in spite of my flu and the tropical temperatures. The first couple of days, I tried to get an estimate of the damage, the rainy season had left behind. A lot of things have to be repaired or renewed. Unfortunately, the rainy season is still going strong, a lot longer than the last years. Many roads and pathways, including those to the school grounds, are still not passable.


Of course, the highlight of my arrival was the reunion with the children and teachers. The joy on both sides was tremendous. I was very glad to see, that none of our children had been seriously ill and everyone had pulled through these difficult past months. 


In defiance of all the work, i had with the project in Germany and all the work that awaits me here, I can in all honesty say:

„ This is where I belong „

The warmth of the people and the sincere happiness of the children is something, i would love to share with you. It defies description.


I already started collecting materials to start renovations and building in general as soon as possible, though somewhat more relaxed than in Germany. It goes more like: “What doesn´t get done today, we will do tomorrow”.


All the best to our supporters in Germany and I´ll be in touch.
Your Papa Buba

We wish you all the best, Uwe and we´re waiting in suspense for more news and pictures!


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